Although “weak thought”—il pensiero debole—has been around for over a quarter of a century, it is still little known in the United States. In Italy, from. il Pensiero debole has 3 ratings and 0 reviews. Da quando nella cultura italiana si è aperto il dibattito sulla crisi della ragione, attraverso di esso. Vattimo is well known for his philosophical style of ‘weak thought’ (pensiero debole). ‘Weak thought’ is an attempt to understand and re-configure traces from the.

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Humans are also challenged, for they are reduced to the level of objects used for production. He draws on the philosophy of Martin Heidegger with his critique of foundations and the hermeneutic philosophy of his teacher Hans-Georg Gadamer. Yet beings will plan and organise their realms such that an authority akin to the one previously associated with metaphysical Being is postulated of beings.

il Pensiero debole by Gianni Vattimo

Drawing upon the implications of hermeneutics for politics, Vattimo warns against specialists, technocrats, and any kind of leadership that presumes exclusive knowledge of the truth by which to lead a country.

Such liberation occurs through weakening the traces of the tradition into which one is thrown. Santiago Zabal – – In Santiago Zabala ed. However, in recognising the flaws of authoritarianism, one tacitly realises nihilism as the sole opportunity to find liberation.

Literature on Vattimo is growing. In her essay “Weakening Religious Belief: These events contributed to Vattimo reconsidering his own theoretical position.

Yet the question of truth ignores the prior ontological question, vatgimo both subject and object exist. Vattimo acknowledges that Benjamin was speaking from a nascent tradition, already begun by Marx and Nietzsche, of seeing history as constructed and not impartial.


By lacking this sense of progress, postmodern experience for Vattimo thus coincides with nihilism. Renzo Gattegnathe president of the Union of Italian Jewish Debile accused him of antisemitismwriting “words of hatred that don’t add anything new and are accompanied by the squalid reproposal of anti-Semitic stereotypes”.

Our experience of existence is absorbed into the language we use.

Gianni Vattimo

As Vattimo claims that there are no facts, only interpretations, he opposes moral realism and any claim to objectivity in morals. University of Turin Laureaiil Transformation through Experience Pier Aldo Rovatti 3.

As he concedes in recent works, strong thought has in fact re-emerged in the late 20 th and early 21 st centuries. It must see that which has happened before as determining the present, and therefore determining the future. In the play of images and messages attained through media such as television, radio and the internet, the difference between subject and object dissolves.

Why Did Gadamer Resist Postmodernism? Ge-Stell is the culmination of metaphysics because it involves the total planning of everything in perfectly ordered relationships of cause and effect, all capable of unlimited manipulation.

Joachim saw history as divided into stages corresponding to the Trinity and the canon. Several were likely written independently of this collection and seem to have been included in it either on the basis of name status, friendship, or their prior engagement with Vattimo’s philosophy.

David Rose – – Contemporary Political Theory 7 4: Gianni Vattimo and Weak Philosophy. His faith is difficult to categorise, being a non-dogmatic and highly idiosyncratic form of the Catholicism with which he was brought up.

Aristotle’s Physics and Its Medieval Varieties. The powerful — kings, emperors, nobles — make history in a manner denied to the poor.


As mentioned above, Weakening Philosophy is for debold most pesniero a festschrift and most of the contributions read as such. This has io consequences, since the plurality of histories and voices in the age of mass communication brings multiple rationalities and anthropologies to the fore. Vattimo argues that there is no longer a coherent narrative which is accepted in the West. The Being of Dasein is interpretative, and therefore the reception of traces of tradition is active, rather than passive.


The New Italian Philosophy. The forms of life and traditions we inherit are the limits of our thought and language. The typical modern narrative was one of progress, whether this concerned scientific and technological innovation, increasing freedom, or even a Marxist interpretation of history. Rather than the Rhine appearing poetically as water flowing as a feature of a larger landscape, modern technology vqttimo made it become an energy resource.

His next political book, co-authored with Santiago Zabala, is Hermeneutic Communism: Christ in Postmodern Philosophy. As the message of the Christian gospel empties into philosophical nihilism, it finds its precise fulfillment and destiny.

However, the mindset involved in wearing the chador does not exhibit caritas as it is an example of strong thought.

Attempting to distance himself from the kind of Communism put into practice in the Soviet era, Vattimo i that the problem with the traditional understanding of Marx is that his ideas have been framed metaphysically. Christianity, Truth and Weakening Faith: Vattimo invokes the notion of secularisation in Beyond Interpretation and in earlier writings, but without the precision he gives to the concept in Belief and After Christianity.

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