A useful guide on how to configure OpenFiler iSCSI Storage for use with VMware ESX & vSphere. After successful installation of openfiler in virtualbox from this link (How to install openfiler in Virtualbox), let us show you how to configure the. This document describes the process of installing Openfiler using the default graphical installation interface. If you experience any problems with the graphical .

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Graphical Installation

Home Lab Reviews — Virtualization Software and reviews, Disaster openfiiler backup recovery software reviews. For the name I have used NFS so that it’s easy to identify what it’s going to be used for later. Gateway IP address – this is the IP address of your network gateway to allow routing to the Internet. It is free to download. But I have made a short installation guide below with the most important steps highlighted.

VMware Learning Zone video-based training. Now we are done with configuration of block-level storage. This website uses cookies to improve opnefiler experience.

How To Configure OpenFiler iSCSI Storage | Unixmen

Like Facebook Page https: In below figure, I have added subnet for Virtual infrastructure monitoring software review. Your disk partition scheme should resemble the following: We’ll assume you’re ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. To delete a partition, highlight it in the list of partitions and click the Delete button. The following is a list of all entries required to create the cobfigure partition: The think is that this post is a HUGE post.

  EB 455WI PDF

Getting shared storage in ESXi hosts are just few clicks away. I did not really eval, yet. You can specify the partitions here.

In the illustrated example, this disk is hda the first IDE hard disk. Need directions for the VMware certification roadmap? Condigure Openfiler IP address here and leave default port as Just go to general tab and click on Network Setup. The hwo file system type is uses here go XFS, you could also select ext4 or another type but since we are accessing the data via NFS it doesn’t really matter.

Specify a name for the volume, a description and select the amount of disk space from the partition to use. If you continue confifure use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Your disk partition scheme should resemble the following:. Leave the port at the default of This will require you to re-login with the new password. LAB Guides April 19, Now you have to create Volume Groups using these volumes. At this time you can format the empty disk with the VMFS file system. The default hostname localhost.

The text-based install track is described here. Therefor I have based the article on installation of the ISO-file you can download it at www. Open web browser and type https: With this configuration all hosts in network The image below shows how the configuration should look like. The next step is to click on the Next button to proceed with the installation. Thanks for visiting here. The details are identical to what was entered for the boot partition except this time the Mount Point: Since there is no iSCSI target configured you only option is to create a new one.


To configure this, go back to Openfiler Console and follow below steps. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

Any errors or intractable problems opdnfiler the installation process should be reported either to the Openfiler Users mailing list or, alternatively, if you feel you have found a bug please use the bug tracking system. You can achieve this by following the instructions on the left side of the screen.

About To Install This screen informs you that installation configuration has been completed and the installer is awaiting your input to start the installation process which will format disks, copy data to the system and configure system parameters such as setting up the boot loader and adding system users.

There is no need to power off the virtual machine to add the hard disks. Follow us on LinkedIn. With the root account, you can log into the system to perform any administrative tasks that are not offered via the web interface.

Let’s take a quick look into the first view of direct console interface of this appliance.