Good Muslim, Bad Muslim: A Political Perspective on Culture and Terrorism. Mahmood Mamdani. Department of Anthropology and. U. MAHMOOD MAMDANI. Good Muslim, Bad Muslim: A Political Pers on Culture and Terrorism. ABSTRACT The link between Islam and terrorism became a. Mahmood Mamdani’s Good Muslim, Bad Muslim: America, the Cold. War and the Roots of Terror is a book about historical memory and politics. Mamdani hopes.

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Out of a population of roughly 15 million, a million died, another million and a half were maimed, and another five million became refugees. It was determined to put a version of tradition at the service of politics. It was musli, simply that they were willing to tolerate a higher level of civilian casualties in military confrontations – what official America nowadays calls collateral damage.

This article is mamdai of dissatisfaction with the new wisdom that we must tell apart the Good Muslim from the Bad Muslim.

This conviction is so deep-seated that it is mamsani found in its secular version, as in the old colonial notion of “a civilizing mission,” or in its more racialized version, “the White Abd Burden. The minor context was the Iranian Revolution of It sought specifically to kill and maim civilians, but not all of them. Perhaps no other society paid a higher price for the defeat of the Soviet Union than did Afghanistan.

After all, we are now told to distinguish between good Muslims and bad Muslims. This is the context in which the US accepted responsibility for restoring conditions for decent life in noncommunist Europe. A student mqhmood mine gave me a series of articles written by the Pakistani academic and journalist, Eqbal Ahmed, in the Karachi-based newspaper, Dawn. Official America has a habit of not mamhood responsibility for its own actions.

Each of us will have nothing but a catalogue of wrongs done to a long line of ancestors. Take the example of Islam, and the notion of Jihadwhich roughly translated means struggle.


Transcript: Mahmood Mamdani on Good Muslim, Bad Muslim | Jul 03, |

Ever since September 11, there has been a growing media interest in Islam. Do you convince others of the validity of your truth or do you proceed by imposing it on them?

In one of these articles, Eqbal distinguished between two broad traditions in the understanding of Jihad. I think of civilization as a constant creation whereby we gradually expand the boundaries of community, the boundaries of those with whom we share the world – this is why it is so grotesque to see bombs and food parcels raining on the defenseless people mahkood Afghanistan from the same source.

A Challenge to Whom? Before exploring the politics of it, let me clarify the historical moment.

Good Muslim, Bad Muslim: America, the Cold War, and the Roots of Terror

Here is one version of the argument that the clash is inside – and not between – civilizations. It endows programs at universities like Harvard and Yale.

Should it be held responsible for cultivating terrorist movements in Southern Africa and Central America? The second, called “big Jihad ,” mamdanni of Jihad as more of a spiritual struggle against the self in a contaminated world.

It is the recognition that the good life cannot be jahmood in isolation. Afghanistan was a brutalized society even before the present war began. In Europe, its urgency was underlined by the changing political situation in Yugoslavia, Albania, and particularly, Greece.

Transcript: Mahmood Mamdani on Good Muslim, Bad Muslim | Jul 03, 2006

After the meeting, Reagan brought them out into the White House lawn, and introduced them to the mahmoodd in these words: The Bin Laden family is a patron of scholarship.

The new thing was that these terrorist movements specifically targeted civilians. It is a human tendency to look for others in times of adversity. I want to suggest that we turn mhslim cultural theory of politics on its head. But it was not the only context.


Mahmood Mamdani: Good Muslim, Bad Muslim — An African Perspective

First, it drooled at the prospect of uniting a billion Muslims around a holy war, a Crusade, against the evil empire. How do we make sense of this? All of this is true, but I don’t think it explains terrorism. Should we, musli humanity, hold official America responsible for its actions during the Cold War?

We must also memorialize, particularly monumental crimes.

Mind you, not between good and bad persons, nor between criminals and civic citizens, who both happen to be Muslims, but between good Muslims and bad Muslims. After the Cold War and right up to September 10 of this year, the US and Britain compelled African countries to reconcile with terrorist movements. America was built on two monumental crimes: Culture Talk Is our world really divided into two, so that one part makes culture and the other is a prisoner of culture?

Thereby, it hoped to contain the influence of the Iranian Revolution as a minority Shia affair. How, one may ask, does the literal reading of religious texts translate into hijacking, murder, and terrorism?

But in the other part of the world, it stands for habit, for some kind of instinctive activity, whose rules are inscribed in early founding texts, usually religious, and museumized in early artifacts? It is an Islamic version of the Christian notion of “just war”.

The Nixon Doctrine had been forged towards the closing years of the Vietnam War but could not be implemented at that late stage – the doctrine that “Asian boys must fight Asian wars” – was really put into practice in Southern Africa.