Abstract. NASCIMENTO, Gerlane Karla Bezerra Oliveira et al. Eletromiografia de superfície do músculo masseter durante a mastigação: uma revisão sistemática. Eletromiografia de superfície em músculos inspiratórios de indivíduos adultos e idosos: revisão sistemática. No Thumbnail [%x80]. Eletromiografia de Superficie na Terapia Miofuncional [Adriana Rahal] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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HR was obtained from the calculation of R-R intervals through specific software Silva et al.

Analysis of the electromyographic signal: This study was approved by the local Institutional Research Ethics Committee and has been conducted according to the principles expressed in the Declaration of Helsinki. International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance, 9 1 Heart rate response and its variability during different phases of maximal graded exercise. Regarding the behavior of RMS signal of the sEMG, it was observed that in both protocols DETC and DETC there was a progressive increase in values with increasing intensity of cycle ergometer, which is significantly higher from W in relation to 25W, both in the protocol performed at 60 rpm and 80 rpm Figure 3.

This rights cover the whole data about this document as well as its contents. While the primary hypothesis of the study was not supported the protocol performed with a supreficie cadence 80 rpm promoted the earliest responses of HR and cardiac parasympathetic modulation in relationship to the protocol with lower eletromioggafia 60 rpm.

Eletromiografia de superfície do músculo masseter durante a mastigação: uma revisão sistemática

The importance of the contrast of the different cadences is to verify if the speed of pedaling can result in more pronounced responses of these variables between conditions. Noninvasive method to estimate anaerobic threshold in individuals with type 2 diabetes.

The volunteers underwent three experimental sessions of exercise on an electromagnetic cycle ergometer on nonconsecutive days, with intervals of at least one week between sessions, involving three experimental procedures adequately standardized, being: Thus HRV is an important tool that can be used during exercise to assess the parameter settings of the cardiac autonomic system and through the components of HRV is possible to determine the anaerobic threshold AT during exercise and consequently relate to the aerobic capacity of the individual Di Michele et al.


The chi-square test, student’s t-test and Mann-Whitney test were applied.

supedficie Evaluation of electromyography activity and heart rate response to isometric exercise. From this, the increase of intensity led to 20 W every minute until physical exhaustion. Estimation of the anaerobic threshold from the data on lung ventilation and eletromiogrzfia rate variability. Evaluation of electrical stimulation with surface electromyographic biofeedback of hemiplegic patients. There were no significant differences in HR between the protocols Figure 1.

Spectral properties of electromyographic and mechanomyographic signals during isometric ramp and step contractions in biceps brachii.

Brazilian Journal of Medical and Biological Researcheletomiografia 5 Physical exercise promotes physiological adjustments in various systems within the body including the neuro-muscular, cardiopulmonary, thermoregulatory and neuro-endocrine systems Ribeiro et al.

Personal, symptomological, occupational and electrophysiological variables were examined, based on electromyographies of the cervical region.

Avaliação da eletroestimulação com biofeedback por eletromiografia de superfície

Statistical power analysis for the behavioral sciences. Neuromuscular Disorders22 sup. The aim of the study was to evaluate the behavior of HRV and sEMG of the vastus lateralis in two exercise protocols on a eletrlmiografia ergometer at 60 and 80 rpm.

In a study by Alonso et al. Considering the assessment of sEMG in cyclists, some studies have used this parameter to evaluate different cadences on activity performed using the bike Dantas et al.

Initially with the volunteer in the supine position were measured the dominant leg and subsequently trichotomy, abrasion and cleaning the skin with alcohol was performed for the placement of electrodes to capture the sEMG.

We concluded that the parasympathetic cardiac responses and sEMG are independent of cadences applied at the zuperficie power output. We used a computerized channel electromyography Lynx Electronic Technology and a program of signal acquisition AqDados5. The sEMG signals were processed in digital bandpass filter with cutoff frequency of 20 Hz and Hz, and that each experiment were calibrated with a gain ofbeing 20 times the electrode and 50 times the plate to obtain a reference point of calibration according to the manufacturer’s manual.

As for the progressive increase in HR with increasing intensity during the protocols performed at different cadences, this behavior is well described in the literature as being the withdrawal of the vagal component active in eletromiogarfia sinus node Alonso et al.


A personal monitoring architecture to detect muscular fatigue in elderly.

Introdução a Eletromiografia

Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, 26 11superficiee Symptom-limited exercise testing The exercise test was performed by a cardiologist to evaluate the clinical and functional aspects of the cardiovascular system, as well as to detect possible changes rletromiografia indicate against the participation of volunteers in research.

The volunteers underwent three experimental sessions of exercise on an electromagnetic cycle ergometer on nonconsecutive days, with intervals of at least one week between sessions, involving three experimental procedures adequately standardized, being:.

This was an observational and retrospective study involving eight healthy men, eletromiogrfaia trained cyclists with high level of physical training for at least two years, with a minimum training frequency of days per week and average duration of two hours per day.

This study aimed to explore the usefulness of measuring respiratory muscle activity in mechanically ventilated patients suffering from acute organophosphate poisoning, with a view towards providing complementary information to determine the best time to suspend ventilatory support.

The study hypothesis was that the protocol used in higher cadence 80 rpm promotes more pronounced responses of cardiac autonomic system and of myoelectric activity of the vastus lateralis compared to the protocol with the lower cadence 60 rpm. Japanese Journal of Physiology31 4 This document is only for private use for research and teaching activities.

It also is possible, that the cardiac protection provided by vagal modulation is the same in both cadences. Detection of the anaerobic threshold by surface electromyography. Brazilian Journal of medical and Biological Research32 1 To verify cervical pain symptoms in a group of office workers and investigate electromyographic signals of the upper trapezius muscle of office workers at rest.