Tagetes is a genus of annual or perennial, mostly herbaceous plants in the sunflower family The florets of Tagetes erecta are rich in the orange-yellow carotenoid lutein and are used as a food colour (INS-number Eb) in the European. Marigold (Tagetes erecta). JP: Marigold (Tagetes erecta) Balinese call this as Bunga Gemitir. Flora FlowersOrange FlowersFlowers NatureVirtual. Tagetes erecta X Marigold Bunga tahi ayam Tridax procumbens X TridaX daisy Tridax spp. X Vernonia polyanthes Less. Vernonia sp. bitterleaf ewuro, ndole.

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Blake Tagetes multiflora Kunth Tagetes nelsonii Greenm. Add to lightbox Login or Register!

Bunga tahi ayam

In the wild, many species are pollinated by beetles. It is widely cultivated and there are many cultivars used in gardening as an ornamental plant.

Shores, ponds, springs, quiet waters in streams, ditches, wetlands, wet meadows, waterside swamps and meadows which are prone to flooding, damp hollows in broad-leaved forests, snow-bed sites, sometimes underwater. The ray florets have been used in lettuce salads and other foods to add colour and flavour.

Retrieved from ” https: Ornamental Phytogenetic Resources of Mexico. Tagetes minutanative to southern South America, is a tall, upright marigold plant with small flowers used as a culinary herb in Peru, Ecuador, and parts of Chile and Bolivia, where it is called by the Incan term huacatay.

To organize the photos in galleries you must first register or login. Finding the perfect image is perfectly simple With visual search powered by Adobe Sensei you can drop an image into the search bar to instantly find similar ones. Watson Tagetes pusilla Tagetes riojana M. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Tagetes erecta. National Consultative Phytosanitary Council. Tagetes erecta Scientific classification Kingdom: This page was last edited on 2 Decemberat Gray Tagetes patula L.


By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The common name in English, “marigold”, is derived from “Mary’s gold”, a name first applied to a similar plant native to Europe, Calendula officinalis. Use aesthetic filters to fine tune your search by copy space, frame and duration rates, or depth of field.

Tagetes erecta – Wikipedia

Pour un jardin sans arrosage For a garden without irrigation in French. It is also used as a culinary herb in many warm climates, as a substitute for tarragon, and offered in the nursery as “Texas tarragon” or “Mexican mint marigold”. Available in JPEG format, this image may be downloaded for all kinds of professional uses and in different resolutions up to 3, x 4, pixels in DPI The author of this picture, junzportraits also has 3 images in the same series.

Views Read Edit View history. Retrieved 1 December Pets Beloved furry friends. They have bungw roots. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Get 10 free images.

Fanerogamic Flora of the Valley of Mexico. Tagetes oaxacana Tagetes osteni Tagetes palmeri Tagetes parryi A. Mexican marigold Tagetes erecta. The New York Botanical Garden illustrated encyclopedia of horticulture. Business Modern work spaces. Nature Beauty from the outdoors.


Bunga tahi ayam | Tagetes erecta | Nelindah | Flickr

University of the State of Mexico. Retrieved from ” https: Gemitir flower garden in Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia. Marigold Tagetes erecta Balinese call this as Bunga Gemitir. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Tagetes.

Core collection Infinite Collection Instant Collection. In horticulturethey tend to be planted as annualsalthough the perennial species are gaining popularity.

Some studies indicate the effectiveness of the latter in the prevention of coronary artery diseaseheart attacksimmune response, old age and cancer.

Journal of the Chilean Chemical Society. Levy; Edmundo Regalado; Diana M.

File:Tagetes erecta in flowrebed 02.JPG

In their wild form they are found in the Balsas basin and western Mexico and live in diverse tagetws of ecosystems, such as tropical deciduous forests, thorny forests, cloud forests and pine-oak forests. Founded by Werner Rothmaler. Tagetes subvillosa Tagetes tenuifolia Cav. The marigold was regarded as the flower of the dead in nunga Mexico, parallel to the lily in Europe, and is still widely used in the Day of the Dead celebrations.

The essential oil of the flower contains antioxidants. See more Fotolia plans.