Tri-Stat dX is a great system, and I do like the adjustments they made against the standard that BESM set. However, in several areas I feel they either failed to. Super quick: I *think* that BESM is rather similar to a smaller product I enjoy, and shares the major mechanic–the “Tri-Stat” system. However. I was looking at a game over in the PBP forum, talking about these rules. Now, I’ ve got a copy of the Tri-stat and the d20 version, both the Stingy.

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Tri-Stat dX – Wikipedia

MacKinnon had announced that the release would be delayed from its original release in the Summer of The Lizard Warrior — a member of an exotic sentient dinosaur-like species from the far south — possesses impressive physical advantages, but has a hard time fitting into a more advanced society, a problem reflected in their automatic disadvantages, below.

For instance, in a Medieval fantasy setting, skills for computers would not be available. Skills are available with Specializations that subdivide a particular area of knowledge into specific Skills a character is adept at.

Depending on the setting’s Power Level and die type chosen by the GMthe GM assigns a number of Character Points to each player to spend on Stats and other abilities. It seems like the Third Edition Tri-stat version of this game is currently impossible to find a copy of unless you want pdf.

  LEY 29682 PDF

Siela Tempo by the talented Kasanip. If you pre-ordered the book from us, more information will follow. Effective level represents the level the attribute is assumed to have in regards to attributes such as Nullify, Dynamic Powers, level caps based on dice size, and the like. July Learn how and when to remove this template message.

Tdi die roll resolutions in Tri-Stat use two polyhedral dice of the same type.

Like other generic role-playing game systemsTri-Stat dX has adaptable rules that can be applied to many genres and settings. An optional rule the GM can impose increases the point cost for Stats at incremental levels, so that high level Stats require more points to be increased to the next level.

Saturday, stqt January, The “human norm” is considered 4. When an attack makes it through a defense, the defender takes damage from the attack.

The sample below is a generalist, but moving a few skill points around will create a specialist easily enough. The Skill Point cost of a Skill depends on the particular Skill and the campaign setting it is being used in.

To help keep characters “balanced”, each player is given the same number of Character Points. GeekGold Bonus for All Supporters at year’s end: Starting inGuardians of Order replaced the company’s previous practice of producing stand-alone games for anime series for which they had obtained licenses with Ultimate Fan Guides — a series of supplements for BESM which combine information on the episodes, characters and themes of anime series with statistics and game information for those series.


Strands of Fate Thanks for the feedback. Tri-Stat’s name comes from the system’s three main Stats: At Skill level 1 they are “well trained”, and at 10 they are “heavenly masters” of it.

Monday, 5th January, Eclipse d20 — Binding Mysterious Spirits V. These are supplemented by Attributes, staf give the characters unique abilities. Retrieved from ” https: Wednesday, 11th July, You do need to be very flexible when GMing any form of Fate. Combat Technique Special Movement.

I thought you meant BDSM. Life in Core II: The Difficulty Modifier is added to the target number usually the player’s relevant Stat score thus making rolling under the target number harder or easier. The Authority d20 System Tri-Stat.

Tri-Stat dX

stt It is frequently referred to by the acronym BESM. Playing in a “mundane” real-world setting, the GM would set the die type to 2d4, and only allow characters to achieve maximum unadjusted die roll totals of 8.

Strands of Fate Late to the conversation. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. When using other kinds of firearms their effective Level is 1, but with a pistol it would be Level stag. Depending on the Power Level of the campaign, these die types will be different.